Concept art created for Redditch Borough Council's forthcoming Canopies mural project. The proposed 483 m2 mural celebrates the intersection of industrial heritage, nature, and creativity. The mural is just one part of the council's bold new plan to transform the space adjacent to the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, creating a lively and attractive place for trade, live performance, and social activities.
The sharp, overlapping shapes are inspired by the tip of a needle; Redditch was once the world's leading manufacturer of needles. The diverse colour palette combines the blues and oranges of the town's totemic kingfisher with bold pinks and purples, representing the creativity and joy of contemporary Redditch.
Within the needle-like shapes there are vignettes representing industry, nature, and creativity. The hard lines of the jet engine and the Royal Enfield motorbike intersect the organic shapes of Redditch's trees and waterways. A kaleidoscope of past memories and dreams of the future.
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